How To Save Money On Your Musical Equiptment


How To Save Money On Your Musical Equiptment

Posted OnJune 13, 2017 0

Until you land that huge record contract, chances are that you will have a fairly limited budget when it come to buying the musical equipment that you need. If only we all had tens of thousands of pounds to spend on the latest hi tech gear, how great it would be. There are however ways that you can make savings on all kinds musical gear and whether you are shopping for a new guitar, synth, PA system or a computer for recording, here are a few tips to help you dig our those elusive money saving deals.

Be Patient

You may have decided that the gorgeous Fender Bass which you have just seen is defeinitey going to be yours, but don’t rush in and buy it from the first shop that you see it in. Shop around a little and browse the internet for the exact item that you want in order to compare the prices. Even if you are in the store, you can use your phone to check other stores prices. If you do see it cheaper elsewhere, don’t be affraid to tell the salesman because he might just match or even beat the price which you show him. After all, they will not want you to walk out without making a purchase.

Sign Up To Newsletters

You have probablly got a favourite music shop which you buy all of your gear from. If so, make sure that you are registered to recivce their email newsletter, as these can often contain exclusive deals, voucher codes and other promotions which you will not want to miss out on. There are hundreds of online music stores out there; and are just two that I can reccomend.

Buy Your Gear as a Group

If your band mates are also on the look out for some more gear, then a good idea is to pay a visit to the music store together. The manager is far more likely to give you a good discount if you are buying a lot of equiptment. While you are there, don’t be affrad to haggle. Instruments can be expensive and there is always room for some negatiation.

Consider 2nd Hand Gear

Youe equiptment doesn’t always have to be brand new, and some people actually prefer to buy used gear. Shop around, check eBay regularly as well as local buying and selling websites and you will eventually find a deal that is right for you. Again, the key is patience and waiting until those special offers and once in a lifetime deals come your way.




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