About Us

With the growth that has come with the relative affordability of DIY production there are simply too many emerging talents competing for the ever shrinking lines of distribution. Subsequestly, it is essential that new talents, from all creative genres, are able to enjoy and benefit from unique and innovative opportunities that will get their works to their audience and marketplace.Mosquito Media is proud to be developing such opportunities whilst simultaneously offering artists alternatives designed to prevent then from wasting too much time and money as they chase success.There is no guaranteed right way for an artist to breakthrough, but there are definitely many wrong ways that artists can, and should avoid. It is our aim to help artists achieve their goals cost effectively and to get as many new works to as large an audience as possible.

We are also delighted to be raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and promoting the healing power of music.

Mosquito Media believes everyone has the right to have their new, original creative works heard, seen or read. Mosquito Media believes everyone has the right to hear, see or read new, original, creative works. Mosquito Media believes it is possible to bring an artist and an audience together without having to play by the rules of the respective creative industries. Mosquito Media believes an artist should retain ownership and control of their creative works and their creative development. Mosquito Media believes anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference has never spent the night in a bedroom with a mosquito!


To get in touch, please email info [at] mosquito-media.co.uk